Generate Long Term Equity with Property Development & Redevelopment

What’s the Difference between Development and Redevelopment?

The biggest difference between property development and property redevelopment is that property real estate development is the complete creation of a building from the ground up. All aspects of land acquisition and building construction happen in this process. Property real estate redevelopment refers to the complete renovation of a building. Much of the building stays the same in this process, but large renovations such as adding or removing walls, adding doors, and adding features happens.

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Our Development

Property development or redevelopment requires a solid process to be effective. Our processes is proven to add value to the commercial real estate structure for long term equity. We encourage you to look over the process so you know what we can do for you.


Commercial Property Development

Staypoint specializes in managing the execution of commercial property development. We pinpoint land or dilapidated properties that need revitalizing and rebuild. Reconsructed business real estate can benefit the community. We manage the whole process to create move-in-ready buildings for tenants of commercial real estate. Our goal is to increase property value for long term equity.

Real Estate Property Redevelopment

There comes a time when an old commercial real estate property needs to be redeveloped. That’s when Staypoint enters the picture. We specialize in the revitalization and the full redevelopment of medical, retail, and industrial properties. At Staypoint, we oversee all aspects of the property redevelopment process. We strive to add value to the real estate property so it increases in worth.